Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

It could be worse, but still...

Gah. I am mildly prone to migranes -- not tear-your-head-off migraine headaches, blessedly, but visual migraines.

Intellectually, I know that it's nothing too serious: they usually go away after about 20 minutes, and the doctor has assured me that they're fairly routine. But they're still bloody annoying: for those 20 minutes I literally can't see straight, due to the spots dancing in front of my eyes. Aesthetically it's almost an interesting experience: shimmering prismatic lights at various locations around my vision. But it's damned annoying. I'm typing this entry right now because I don't have to focus my eyes much to type (30 years of typing on computers has me to the point where I pretty much know by feel when I've mistyped a word), and I can't read damn-all on my screen.

Okay, that one was quick: only about ten minutes, and my vision is clearing. (It tends to come on fairly suddenly, and then gradually reduce down to just shimmers at the periphery.) No crisis. Still, it's always disconcerting to find that I simply can't see what I'm focusing on, that it's turned into a short-term hole in my vision...

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