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jducoeur's Journal

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Justin du Coeur
11 February 1970
Justin du Coeur (OL and Stuff) prides himself on being a modern Renaissance Man -- that is, a dilletante with a fondness for a thousand different activities. Postings in this journal will seesaw between SCA, LARP, comic books, politics (both real-world and club), Freemasonry, computer programming, Renaissance gaming, dance, cooking, drama and whatever else strikes my fancy at the moment.

Besides the contact info listed in the official LJ Profile Stuff, I'm also on a bunch of other networks: you can find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and on Twitter as (of course) @jducoeur.

I'm a lifelong programmer, and mostly do social software. But at the moment I'm working in a slightly more mundane but rather profitable business, catching financial fraud at Memento. It turns out that the finance business has *lots* to learn from the state of the art, and we're really good at all aspects of it.

As it says, I'm a serious comic book fan. My very favorite comic in the entire world has turned into a webcomic, so just for once I'm going to shill. I strongly commend Girl Genius -- it's fun and cool, and worth the read.

Feel free to check out bouncing, which is Justin's Dream Diary, where I occasionally record the various snippets that remain at the end of the night.

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